Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cover Reveal Time!

I'm trying to contain my excitement as we get closer and closer to the publication date of Legacy, an anthology. Velvet Morning Press, the publishing house I founded with author Vicki Lesage, is publishing our second multi-author anthology and the contributor list is leaving me starstruck! We've got award-winners Kristopher Jansma and Paula Young Lee, and New York Times best-selling author Regina Calcaterra just to name just a few. Pause, deep breath, relax. I'm honored and delighted that they trusted their words with our small indie publishing house. We hope to make them proud! 

And I, as a contributor to the anthology, am proud to be among all of our writers. So far, it's been a fun and interesting experience. I can't wait for the book to be released (April 17) so we can share it with you, the reader. 

Please check out The Book Wheel blog, our partner in this project, and for the cover reveal, I direct you to the lovely blog Traveling With T!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Women Writers Working Together: I Love My Poppies!

When women help women, amazing things can happen. In my daily life, I’ve felt disheartened when I’ve seen women turning their backs on other women rather than working together. I've thought to myself: Why can’t they get the message? By helping each other, all of us can benefit. Being self-serving might get you a few steps in the short term, but in the end, it’s not a winning strategy.

As a new author and publisher, as in all areas of life, I’ve come across women who share this idea and some who don’t. Or some who fall in between, not even realizing the disservice they are doing to other women—and to themselves. 

Thankfully, though, there are plenty of women writers, readers—and women in general—who are extremely supportive and are team players.

Enter stage right: Tall Poppy Writers!

Several weeks ago, this fabulous organization of women writers asked me to join the group. My reaction: Happy dance! Yay! Cheering, and jumping up and down! 

The Poppy mission? We (yes we—I’m so proud!) are a community of writing professionals committed to growing relationships, promoting the work of our members, and connecting authors with each other and with readers. 

As I looked through the list of Poppies, I was in awe of the talent surrounding me. And after becoming a member, I was in awe of their kindness and generosity. Female power at its best. I don’t want to single out any of the Poppies in this post because all of them are wonderful and deserve a mention. 

So the easiest thing to do is to point you in the direction of our website. Not only will you learn about some inspiring women, but you also will find books to add to your “to read” list!

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Fun Afternoon Meeting Readers!

What if no one shows up? That was my initial fear as I walked toward The British and Commonwealth Women’s Association clubhouse in Paris on Friday afternoon. They were having a “Meet the Author” event, and guess who that author was? Me!

As I pressed in the door code, an English-speaking lady followed me into the building. That was a good sign. At least there would be two people in attendance: her and the president of the association.

And then, as we approached the door to the clubhouse, I heard conversation. Many voices! As I took my spot at the front of the room, I realized that more than a dozen members of the association were facing me. Whew! 

The BCWA president and me

The hour-long presentation turned into an hour-and-a-half as the ladies asked me many interesting questions about my books, inspiration and Velvet Morning Press, the indie publishing house I created with fellow author Vicki Lesage. The time flew by. 

As an author, unlike an actor or musician who is often in front of his or her audience, we are often removed from our audience. A great book review makes our day, but that often is our only contact with those who read our work.

These opportunities to actually speak with the reader are more rewarding than I could have imagined! 

What sorts of things did the crowd learn about me and my work?

*That I observe everything and collect images and memories in my head… later to be used in a book!
*That I think every writer needs an editor.
*That inspiration for a character in Paris, Rue des Martyrs came from a tip from my mom.
*That it’s very hard for me to stop editing my latest novel. It’s hard to let go. 

I realized that I do have a lot to say! So, now that I know readers do enjoy meeting new authors as much as long-established ones, I’ll approach my next author event with less trepidation. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Huffington Post Interview! Life in Paris, Inspiration for "Close to Destiny"

More launch week fun! The Huffington Post interviewed me about my life in Paris, inspiration for my new novel, Close to Destiny, and the creation of my indie publishing business, Velvet Morning Press. Now that's a lot to talk about, isn't it? Click here to check out the interview! 

Thanks and happy reading! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

"Close to Destiny" Launch Week!

Today is the official launch of my second novel, Close to Destiny, and we're off to an exciting week! Please meet up with me on the blog Traveling With T, where I will be featured all week in "Book Talk With R & T." There will be reviews, giveaways, a Twitter Chat and more!

Here's a little look at what Close to Destiny is all about:

Does déjà vu have a deeper meaning?
A puzzling gift from a stranger in a hat shop. Whisperings and footsteps in a dim luxury hotel. Dreams that transport to elegant parties where champagne flows like water. Kat is both frightened and intrigued by the events that have plagued her since she arrived in London, in a final effort to save herself from anorexia and recover from her latest suicide attempt.

Most disturbing is an encounter with a mysterious woman who introduces Kat to Will. And this lovely messenger has information she desperately wants to share with Kat: an incident from more than a century ago that could transform Kat’s future. But will Kat listen?

A story of the role of destiny in life... and of righting the wrongs of the past.

Find Close to Destiny now in paperback and ebook versions on Amazon

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love to Write? And You're a Foodie? A Writing Retreat Just for You...

At Velvet Morning Press, we have something exciting planned: a foodie and writer's retreat set in the beauty of France's Champagne region. Workshops, writing time, delicious meals, strolls through the vineyards... For more details, click here.

Hope you will join us! 
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